4 professional tools for a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Pocket Sky

Weaving smart healthcare solutions with intelligent textiles

Being renowned for the world’s leading source of functional textiles, advanced manufacturing capabilities in electronics, and high medical quality, Taiwan has gained itself strong advantages in developing intelligent healthcare textiles, where the three aforementioned industries intersect. Asiatic Fiber Corporation (AFC®) is a long-established medical textile company dedicated to devise smart healthcare solutions to enhance the quality and efficiency of traditional healthcare with their iQmax® Intelligent Textile Modules for thermotherapy, electrotherapy, and monitoring of health & safety.

The usage of physiological insights to unlock health and performance potential

How is your body reacting to your daily routine? What is making you stressed? Are you recharging your batteries overnight? Heart rate variability insights answers these questions, and more. The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment uses HRV to give you the data and context you need to make lifestyle changes, spot potential red flag issues, and, ultimately, reach your health and performance potential with science-backed confidence.

Activate yourself with light

Natural light runs our body clock. Working late at night, getting up while it is still dark, feeling jet-lagged after a long flight or suffering from winter blues – all too often we are out of synch with our environment. Fatigue, low spirits, performance and health issues and are the result. Pocket Sky’s blue light frequency found in daylight biochemically signals to our body that it’s a bright and sunny morning. By transmitting this biologically active light, this elegant and lightweight wearable boosts your energy and mood in just 20 minutes, whenever you need it.

Wearable breath analysis: the next level of personal health technology

Sports medicine available for everyone – VitaScale has successfully developed a wearable breath analysis device that can quickly and conveniently measure gas components in a person’s breath. The patented headset system provides real-time performance and metabolism measurement, to optimize a person’s health based on breathing gas composition.


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