Xenoma Inc. presents casual wear with motion tracking and ECG function at MEDICA 2019

Xenoma Inc. presents Casual Wear with motion tracking and ECG function at MEDICA 2019

Xenoma Inc. (Headquarter: Tokyo City, Omori; CEO: Ichiro Amimori; hereafter ”Xenoma”), developer of smart apparel, will present their newest prototypes at the MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany. For the first time, this will include the e-skin ECG shirt as well as the e-skin MEVA. This combination of IMU pants and motion capture software has just entered beta-stage.

The ECG shirt targets especially the long-term ECG market. While it looks and feels like any regular casual shirt, it attaches via 5 buttons on the inside directly to 5 electrodes on the patient’s body. There is no need for any cables, external batteries or other external devices. Additionally, the shirt features an embedded IMU unit for motion tracking. Not only will the shirt allow patients to move freely, these movements can be also linked precisely to cardiac events.

The e-skin MEVA system combines comfortable, washable sports pants with IMU sensors and a specialized software application. Simply by wearing the pants and following an easy 30 seconds set-up, anyone of any age can translate their motions in real-time to 3D animations and data sheets. This motion capture system works without cameras or markers.

Source: www.wearable-technologies.com

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