Preventice solutions receives tender to provide BodyGuardian MINI cardiac monitor for cardiovascular study

Image: Preventice Solutions

Preventice Solutions, a healthcare company focused on mobile health solutions and remote monitoring services, received a tender from the UK Biobank to provide its BodyGuardian MINI remote cardiac monitor for a cardiovascular monitoring study. The study, which involves up to 30,000 participants, is designed to capture data on arrhythmia, including atrial fibrillation (AFib), a common arrhythmia that can lead to stroke and dementia.

The British Heart Foundation funded study is led by Professor Barbara Casadei, a BHF Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, at the Cardiovascular Medicine Division of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, said a press release.

“Atrial fibrillation is a common condition that can go unnoticed until it causes a stroke or cognitive decline.  We desperately need to know more about its causes and how it can be better treated,” said Professor Casadei.

“UK Biobank provides us with an ideal opportunity to integrate a large amount of health, genetics and lifestyle information with heart rhythm data on a huge number of people. Importantly these individuals will have also undergone an MRI heart, body and brain scan. It is not often that all these opportunities for discovery come together – because of this, we believe this study will provide important answers about the management and risk associated with asymptomatic AF and other clinically silent arrhythmias.”

Image: Pixabay

UK Biobank is a major national and international health resource, and a registered charity in its own right, with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of serious and life-threatening illnesses.

The BodyGuardian® MINI is the smallest, reusable Holter monitor available. It records important physiological data such as heart rate, ECG and related activity. Unlike many other remote monitors, the BodyGuardian has a wearable patch that can be moved and reapplied to optimize comfort and wearability, without jeopardizing data collection or requiring the participant to return to the clinic. In addition, the device is fully waterproof, allowing participants the freedom to go about their daily life while wearing it.

“The BodyGuardian MINI was designed to enhance compliance through ease-of-use and comfort based on its small size and waterproof design allowing participants to go about their daily activities without interruption.  We look forward to helping researchers pursue this important research and are pleased to partner with the UK Biobank, British Heart Foundation and the Radcliffe ‎Department of Medicine at Oxford as they collaborate on important research efforts to further understand AF and its impact on stroke and cognitive decline,” said Jon Otterstatter, CEO of Preventice Solutions.

Source: www.wearable-technologies.com

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