Fitbit and Health2Synch partner up for diabetes management

Image: Fitbit Health

Fitbit and Taiwan-based Health2Sync are collaborating to provide diabetics with a more holistic view of their health and help them make healthy lifestyle choices to better manage their condition. Through this partnership, Fitbit health, sleep and fitness data will be integrated with the Health2Sync app. For now, this integration will be available to 360,000 users in Taiwan and Japan.

“We are excited to integrate Fitbit’s expertise in using technology and data to empower people to make meaningful behavior change that can drive positive health outcomes with the Health2Sync platform, said Steve Morley, Fitbit’s vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific, in a statement. “The integration will help Health2Sync users in Taiwan and Japan better see the impact of things like activity level on blood sugar levels, and provide them with support to make healthy lifestyle choices, like increased activity, shown to help manage type 2 diabetes.”

Health2Sync diabetes management platform (Image: Health2Sync)

Users with a Fitbit account can access an in-app dashboard that now includes data from their Fitbit devices, including heart rate, sleep and physical activity, alongside recent blood glucose readings depicting if levels fall within, above or below the healthy range, reports MobiHealthNews.

The Health2Sync Mobile App enables you to take full control of your health status by keeping a full record of your blood glucose data and daily activities. It gives reminders and tips based on your records, to assist you in making timely adjustments.

Ed Deng, CEO at Health2Sync, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Fitbit as a leading wearables brand to extend the benefits of our health management app to users. We understand that the key to successfully controlling diabetes is to ensure proactive management and continuous monitoring. We’re confident our comprehensive integrated health platforms for both patients and healthcare professionals, coupled with Fitbit’s easy to use, innovative devices and software features will help users to achieve both aims.”



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