Bonbouton accepted into 2019 MetLife digital accelerator powered by Techstars

Bonbouton, a cutting-edge health and technology company, has been accepted into MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars. MetLife Digital Accelerator is an accelerator program that focuses on innovating in the insurance industry alongside startups who are building insurtech ideas, especially those with plans to reach new customers, create next-generation products, and digitize processes.

“Being accepted into this program is a pivotal next step for Bonbouton,” says Linh Le, Founder and CEO of Bonbouton. “The purpose of our technology is to generate better health outcomes, and working with insurance companies, and MetLife in particular, will help us reach more people who live with diabetes at a greater scale.”

Bonbouton is a New York-based startup that makes smart insole that detects foot ulcers, a common cause of diabetes-related amputations. Foot ulcers affect over 25% of all people living with diabetes and is responsible for an estimated 80% of the 70,000 amputation surgeries performed each year in the United States, reports Bonbouton.

“Our team has relocated to MetLife’s Global Technology Campus based in Raleigh-Durham. Since the kick-off, we’ve been working alongside eight other amazing startups in the class, the Techstars and MetLife teams, and dozens of mentors, coaches, and thought partners,” Bonbouton said in an email to WT | Wearable-Technologies.

Following clinical studies, Bonbouton will be submitting the technology for FDA Class I Medical Device Clearance to partner with established diabetic shoe and insole companies to sell under major health insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.

“We’re thrilled that Bonbouton is part of the 2019 Class,” says Mee-Jung Jang, Managing Director at Techstars. “Bonbouton is uniquely positioned to benefit from Techstars’ network and mentorship, while gaining invaluable knowledge from MetLife on bringing their product to insurance companies.”

Over the next three months, Bonbouton hopes to:

1) Strengthen their relationship with MetLife to explore and validate how their product fits into the insurance ecosystem

2) Receive strong support and expertise to advance customer discovery, product development, and company culture

3) Tap into mentor networks to build a team of clinical and business advisors

As an accepted startup, Bonbouton along with the eight other companies will receive a $120K investment, access to 300 perks values at over $1M+, and connections to invaluable mentors and peers to help move the business the right way forward.

Source: www.wearable-technologies.com

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