EVER pharma introduces wearable subcutaneous pump for drug delivery for Parkinson’s patients

Image: Ever Pharma

EVER Pharma, an Austria-based pharmaceutical company focused on the research, development, and commercialization of products in the areas of neurology, critical care, anesthesia, and oncology, launched D-mine® Pump for people with Parkinson’s disease. The D-mine Pump, which recently received European CE approval, is specifically designed to provide precise continuous subcutaneous drug delivery for Parkinson´s patients in a compact, simple to use and patient-friendly package.

“CE approval of the D-mine Pump and the launch, is an important milestone for our product portfolio in Parkinson´s disease. EVER Pharma is now able to deliver an enhanced and comprehensive package of care with its Parkinson´s disease medication Apomorphine and its own Medical Devices,” explains Dominic Benning, Head of Dopaminergic Therapy at EVER Pharma GmbH.

Primary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are shaking, tremor, slowed movement and rigid muscles. Hence, these patients often have great difficulty controlling anything that requires delicate handling. The D-mine Pump has only a few, easily pushed buttons, and an easy to read display, reports MedGadget.

While developing the D-mine Pump, EVER Pharma’s primary goals were ease of handling, safety and intuitive use. Leveraging special micro-rotary pump technology, minimal buttons and a bespoke menu screen interface, the device is conveniently compact and easy to use. It also features automatic drug filling, multiple languages, data storage, and does not require complex flow rate calculations.

Image credit: Businesswire

“With the development of the EVER Pharma D-mine Pump for Parkinson’s therapy, we have realized a very ambitious project with challenging requirements. This considerable investment in this product is a clear statement of the spirit of EVER Pharma to put focus on patients’ needs and support with customized solutions. EVER Pharma delivers a complete package with its Parkinson´s disease portfolio, from medication to means of administration with innovative Medical Devices,” explains Georges Kahwati, General Manager at EVER Pharma GmbH.

Source: www.wearable-technologies.com

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