eMacula eyewear system relieves eyes of having to focus too hardly

Image: Innovega

Innovega Inc., a Bellevue, Washington-based systems engineering and lens development company, has created eMacula, a new generation of eyewear that combines smart contact lenses and stylish, lightweight glasses. eMacula relieve eyes of having to focus too hardly.

This new technology was developed for managing vergence-accommodation conflict that causes discomfort and visual fatigue when using near-eye displays. This conflict, as reported in the Journal of Vision in 2008, occurs when three-dimensional (3D) depth cues presented by a stereo 3D display, or the real world, stimulate the eyes to focus at distances that are different from the fixed distance at which the static display panel is focused, says a press release.

“Resolving the vergence-accommodation conflict is known to reduce the time required to identify 3D stimuli, improve stereoacuity with fast frame rates, reduce distortions in perceived depth, and reduce viewer fatigue and discomfort,” said Jerome Legerton, Innovega Co-founder, Chief Clinical and Regulatory Officer and technology co-inventor. “We are pleased to reach the stage where we can describe and demonstrate the continuous depth of field of our iOptik® contact lens-enabled wearable display optics.”

VR/AR headsets have physical limitations. AR/VR headsets currently available are bulky, need latency every moment and has issue of vengeance accommodation.

“AR glasses have failed to meet even the most basic needs of the human wearer which include: normal, stylish appearance; lightweight and comfortable; useful and compelling AR display performance that includes panoramic overlay, high-resolution media, unobstructed view of one’s surroundings; and in-focus simultaneous view of both real-world and digital media,” says Steve Wiley, CEO of Innovega. “No less important is the fact that more than 60% of wearers will also need a means of vision correction and will not wear AR glasses if they experience symptoms of eye-strain. This list of expectations and needs holds true for all wearers, irrespective of whether they are consumers, workers, or patients.”

eMacula system will be tailored to the needs of vision impaired people who will benefit from both lens-based vision correction and from magnification and digital enhancement of the view of their surroundings, reported MedGadget.


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