INNOVO: Non-invasive wearable to treat stress urinary incontinence in women

Image: INNOVO (PR News photo)

INNOVO is an FDA-cleared non-invasive wearable to treat Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) in women. Developed by Atlanta Therapeutics, INNOVO sends targeted and pain-free muscle stimulations through a pair of shorts, via neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), to safely and effectively strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor.

“’OMG. I just free’d myself!’ Today, 20 million women in America will rewrite that whispered, uncomfortable admission of bladder weakness1 into a declarative, celebratory shout thanks to INNOVO®, said the company in a press release.

The INNOVO thigh-length, elasticized therapeutic shorts are outfitted with eight electrodes sewn in a crisscross formation across the pelvic region. When activated via its attached hand-held controller, INNOVO delivers a series of pelvic stimulations equivalent to Kegel exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor.

“INNOVO can help women declare freedom from incontinence and independence from pads,” said Dr. Nita Landry, board-certified OB/GYN and co-host of the Emmy® Award-winning television show “The Doctors.”  “These innovative, therapeutic shorts with targeted muscle stimulations empower women to treat the source for a long-term solution, rather than rely on a short-term pad to manage the problem.”


According to the Urology Care Foundation, one in three (20 million) women suffer from SUI at some point in their life. Of those women, 23 percent report it negatively impacts their sex lives and 31 percent dress differently because of their symptoms. Of the 33 percent of women who experience SUI after childbirth, 65 percent are still affected over the next dozen years.

Women can use the device in the privacy and comfort of their home while either standing, reclining or lying down. The recommended treatment is 30-minutes a day, five days a week, for three months. After the three-month period, it is recommended that INNOVO be used once a week for 30-minutes. In each 30-minute session, INNOVO delivers 180 perfect pelvic floor stimulations (or Kegels).

Source: www.wearable-technologies.com

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