Jawbone resurges after raising $65 million for wearable health service

Jawbone shuttered in 2017 after raising more than $900 million in venture capital funding. Now, two years later, the company’s founder and then CEO Hosain Rahman has raised $65.4 million for his next company, Jawbone Health Hub, according to an SEC filing.

When Jawbone shut its businesses, its liquidated assets were put on the market.

With the help of Dubai-based investment group Meraas, Rahman bought the company’s health assets with the plans to relaunch the business.

According to a service presentation given by the wearable activity tracker maker at last year’s Dreamforce conference, Jawbone Health sees itself as “a personalized subscription service that utilizes continuous health information combined with human and machine intelligence to take care of its members on a daily basis,” reports MobiHealthNews.

Rahman is listed as an executive officer and director for the new Jawbone Health Hub. Also listed as directors are Ali Hashemi, an investor with Polymath Ventures, who previously founded Dubai-based healthcare provider Amana Healthcare, former Google executive and current Refractor Capital chairperson David Lee and SignalFire CEO Chris Farmer.

There are also 51 employees working for the new Jawbone Health, many of whom previously worked at Jawbone.

An early headset by Jawbone from 2007 (Image: Wikimedia commons)

The company said its mission is to “catch lifestyle diseases early for its members, and help them manage these new conditions as well as pre-existing ones— so they can live healthier, happier and longer.”

Jawbone was founded as Aliph in 1999 by Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman. The company developed and sold wearable technology such as wristbands and portable audio devices, wireless speakers, Bluetooth headsets, and related technology. Jawbone marketed its wearable products as part of the Internet of things (IoTs).


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