Pilloxa collaborates with Sandoz Nordics to improve medication adherence

Pilloxa’s smart pillbox (Image: Pilloxa)

Swedish digital startup Pilloxa announced it will collaborate with Novartis division Sandoz Nordics to improve medication adherence for transplanted patients.

The initial phase aims to support Swedish transplant clinics with Pilloxa’s innovative smart pillbox in order to facilitate improved medication adherence by transplanted patients. The smart pillbox is connected to an app and a cloud solution, along with data-driven services, that aims to help patients take their medication on time.

Patients receiving transplants must adhere to their medications optimally. To keep their organs functioning properly they must follow the lifelong daily medication, and a few missed doses can result in organ rejection.

The built-in sensors in the pillbox detect when patients take their medication. There are 14 compartments in the pillbox, which is connected to the patients’ mobile phones. An LED lights up telling patients when its time to take their medicine.

If the patient forgets to take their medication, they receive a notification. The app also includes a medicines list, a dashboard giving information about their medication history, and a so-called “motivational tool,” reports MobiHealthNews.

Founded in 2015, Pilloxa originates from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm County Council and the Swedish Royal Institute for Technology.

The startup recently raised money from Swedish angel investors and was awarded funding from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova and EIT Health. In March, the company announced a strategic partnership with Bayer AG.

Image: Creative commons

“Pilloxa strives to be at the forefront of a new paradigm within personalized healthcare.  We are happy to partner with Sandoz to tackle the problem of inadequate adherence to medication and we strongly believe that this will increase the quality of life for transplanted patients,” said Francesco Mazzotta, CEO Pilloxa.

“Together Sandoz and Pilloxa go beyond the pill and aim to empower the patients to improve their own outcomes.”

Source: www.wearable-technologies.com

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