The oddest wearable tech at CES 2019

CES 2019 has showcased some amazing and interesting mobile accessories, but some gadgets stick in our mind a little longer than most, simply because they’re a little odd. While innovation in tech often requires wandering from the beaten path, some of these accessories may have gotten slightly lost in the wilderness. While they’re still pretty cool, they’re definitely strange. Here’s some of the weirdest wearable tech from CES 2019.


Photo Source: www.digitaltrends.com

The Dfree is a device that uses ultrasound to monitor and detect the movement of the bladder, communicating to an attached smart device that it’s time to go to the toilet. While that may seem initially odd, this device is a lifeline for sufferers of incontinence, and a huge aid for their caregivers, reducing the stress caused by such issues, and increasing the ability of sufferers to live independently.


Photo Source: www.digitaltrends.com

How do you fancy being hummed to sleep by a wearable? Yeah, sounds a little weird doesn’t it? Still, DreamOn is an intriguing little wearable that uses low-frequency pulses in order to lull your brain into sleep. According to the creators, the DreamOn replicates the brain’s natural low-frequency waves that occur during deep sleep, and by urging your brain to match these pulses, it puts you to sleep faster. Not only that, but the creators also claim it works well for reducing anxiety and increasing mindfulness, and can even be used as a meditation aid.


Photo Source: www.digitaltrends.com

CES always arrives in January just after Christmas, when most of us have eaten far too much cheese — so it’s a great time to show off a smart belt that helps to keep your waistline under control. Welt’s smart belt looks just like a regular leather belt, but it’s packed with tech that helps you to monitor your health. This belt communicates with a paired smartphone, delivering information about your current waist size, your daily step count, how many large meals you’ve eaten, and even more tidbits of info — and it will all come wrapped into a handy weekly overview, too. It’s pricey, but if you’re looking to keep an eye on your health, Welt’s smart belt offers a great way to monitor it without having to wear anything out of the ordinary.

Source: Digitaltrends.com

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